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Matthias Academy

Matthias Academy is a nonprofit adult day program in southeast Wisconsin. Matthias Academy serves adults with mild to severe disabilities, specialized medical needs, behaviors, and mild to severe autism from Illinois and Wisconsin.

Matthias Academy provides a student-centered program for adults to learn, work, and socialize. Classes are offered in several areas of study, such as Health and Wellness, Culinary Arts, Meteorology, Fashion and Design, Marketing, Communication, and Digital Media, Horticulture, Accounting, and Business Management, all tailored to individual learning levels. Adults have the opportunity to work within the gift shop, bakery, and bike shop of Matthias Academy and in the prep parts of those community-inviting stores. We highly encourage the involvement of the surrounding community to come into our facility to shop and visit, we also encourage the involvement of local schools and local colleges to volunteer and help! Times of recreation and leisure are guided, and exercise and mobility are required multiple times daily to maintain health and wellness. Independence is strongly encouraged and parent and student-guided goals are carried out throughout daily operations.

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